Working to protect families from disaster by rebuilding a strong, safe, and a sustainable CNMI.


The Marianas has come a long way since we first came together as a community to rebuild from Category 4 Typhoon Soudelor. After helping nearly 200 families with rebuilding stronger homes, we thought we were safe from a storm of that magnitude. But nothing could prepared us for the Category 5+ Typhoon Yutu only 3 years later.

 We’re in this for the long-run. Our community's most immediate need after Soudelor typhoon was repairing and rebuilding the homes, and Yutu will be no different.

Click here to learn about how the Commonwealth Advocates for Recovery Efforts (CARE) assisted the most vulnerable of our community from Typhoon Soudelor, and click here to learn about how we’ll be there to help our community recover from Typhoon Yutu.